What’s in Luana Mills Ukulele Studio’s Future?

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All Carbon Fiber Body and Neck Ukulele

In the fall of 2009, Luana Mills will be engaged in a new project. The all Carbon Ukulele.

Luana Mills means Innovation in Ukuleles

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Creation of the Zero “Fret” Nut

Luana Mills Ukulele Studio employs the Zero Fret. What’s a zero fret? To find that out, see the “Zero Fret on an Ukulele”.

Marriage of Space Age and Traditional materials

New and Innovative, the Carbon Composite Ukulele, is a new concept in ukulele construction. By the use of carbon fiber fabric, laminated to traditional materials, tonal control is achieved. See the “Carbon Composite Ukulele”

Zero “Fret” Nut on a Luana Mills Ukulele”

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This is an example of the zero” fret”¬† Nut system. The lower white bar is a slot-less nut. The upper white bar is the string retainer. This bar has equally sized hole that the string are strung though. These hole are precisely located to give a downward pull of each string crossing the “zero fret”.

What are the advantages? You can change strings and not worry about re-slotting the nut to fit the strings. You will be able to change between all brands and string styles.

A traditional slotted nut limits the user to replacement of strings that have a similar diameter. Switching to a wound string requires the nut be widen to acommodate the string thickness. With the slot-less “Zerro Fret” system¬† size is of no concern. Left handed player can now switch strings over to and back to right handed playing without modifying the instrument. This feature is on every Luana Mills Ukulele.

Carbon Fiber Composite Ukulele

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There have been many blogs and much a do about the use of carbon fiber in building an ukulele. I have been experimenting with carbon fiber and it’s uses in the building of ukuleles, for over a year now. I am just beginning to understand this versatile building material.

The photo you see here is an example of what can be accomplished. This concert size ukulele has a rich deep tone and is quite loud. It is a marriage of traditional wood materials and state of the art carbon fiber/epoxy laminate.

I have found this combination to work best. Tonal quality is created by pattern cutting of the carbon fiber and laminating it to the soundboard. No other bracing is required. The results are a top that is free to resonate creating more volume and deep tone.

Need more information? luana.mills@sbcglobal.net

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If you are interested purchasing an ukulele or just want to have more information, I can be reached at my website


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Spaulted Koa and Carbon Soprano

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Another experiment

In June I just completed a spaulted koa soprano. What is so unusual is that this ukulele was fully lined with carbon fiber. The spaulted koa used in this soprano was very soft, so soft that you could sand through the wood very easily. So I decided to use carbon fiber as support to the sides and the back, stabilizing the wood. The sides, back and top were thinned even more than usual to facilitate the carbon fiber thickness.

After completing the ukulele, I was very surprised to find that this little soprano has a robust sound. The volume I credit to the extra thin sides. The overly brightness usually associated with a soprano, was gone. It has a sound more akin to a concert sized instrument and it is really fun to play.

I will be experimenting an all carbon ukulele in the fall. Stay tuned for those results…….

Enjoying the Music of “Hawaiian Soul”

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Saddle up and hold on tight!